• Battery type: Li-ion, Voltage: 11.1V, Capacity 5200mAh, 6Cell
  • Fast charges and low power consumption; Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and stability. Up to 500 recharge cycles over the life of the battery.
  • Part numbers: 31CR19/652 31CR19/65-2 31CR19/66-2 AK.006BT.075 AK.006BT.080 AS10D AS10D31 AS10D3E AS10D41 AS10D51 AS10D61 AS10D71AS10D73AS10D75 AS10D81 AS10G3E BT.00603.111 BT.00603.117 BT.00603.124 BT.00604.049 BT.00605.062 BT.00605.065 BT.00606.008BT.00607.125BT.00607.126 BT.00607.127 BT.00607.130 LC.BTP00.123
  • Latop Models: Aspire 4250 4250-E352G50MI 4250G 4250Z 4251 4251G 4251Z 4252 4252G 4252Z 4253 4253G 4333 4339 4349 4350 4350G 4352 4352G 4551 4551G 4551G-P322G32Mn 4551P
  • 6 Months warranty

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Acer Aspire 4253 Battery

  • Product Code: Acer Aspire 4253 Battery
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